What To Do To Relieve Back Pain Flare Ups

July 13, 2017 by Dr Joe Tichio0

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from my subscribers lately, asking…

“What should I do when my back pain flares up?”

So I recorded a quick video with the answer…

Dr. Joe Tichio, DC


Hi, it’s Dr. Joe Tichio here, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from my subscribers lately asking…

What you should do when your back pain flares-up? So in this video I’m going to show you exactly what to do to overcome the back pain flare-up and get back to life.

If you’ve had a flare-up of your back pain before, you know there is a lot of bad information out there. You’ll hear everything from use heat, use cold, lie in bed all day, go and exercise, pop these pills, or rub this cream and lotion on your back.

All of these things could back fire and make your back pain even worse.

I want to show you something that really works.

But first, let’s talk about what actually happens when your back pain flares up.

What happens is the low back muscles go into intense spasm. They pull and yank on the bones in your lower back, including your hip bones, pulling them out of alignment and creating instability.

As the muscles are in spasm, the joints and bones are no longer strong and stable, they’re out of alignment.

This can happen from any number of things.

If you have a flare up, you probably already have an underlying injury and you probably suffer with chronic back pain. So something simple, like bending or lifting can throw your back out.

And it doesn’t have to be lifting something very heavy. You don’t have to be at a construction site pushing boxes or in the gym doing deadlifts.

You might lift a bag of groceries, your purse or even your child.

Something simple like that…if not done properly, can throw your back into spasm and cause a flare-up.

Another common cause of a back pain flare-up, is sitting for too long.

When you sit, your body and spine go into flexion. It’s the most stressful position for your lower back. It strains the discs and can throw your muscles into spasm when you try to stand up.

When the muscles go into spasm, you have uneven pulling on the lower spine and the hips, which will once again throw your body out of alignment. So your body is going to be in spasm and out of alignment.

If you go ahead and take some pain relievers or use some heat, you might relax that muscle spasm, but you didn’t’ fix the alignment. Which means you’re going to potentially do further damage.

So what I am going to show you is a really simple position called the static back press.

What you need…

  1. Comfortable pants or shorts with an elastic waist band.
  2. Space to lie down on the floor. If you do not have a rug on the floor, use a yoga mat or towel to avoid bruising your bones.
  3. Night stand, coffee table, ottoman, couch, or bed with the top surface at the height of your knee. If the surface is any taller or lower, your body won’t be in the correct position.

Measure the top to make sure it is about knee height.

Before we get into position, let’s look at the sacroiliac joints (SI joints).  For most people these joints are on the belt line.  If you were at the beach, you would see them as dimples at the top of the buttocks on a really thin person.

The goal with this position is to lie on your back and have both of those SI joints press into the ground.

When you have a spasm or flare-up in the lower back, one of those SI joints will most likely press into the ground and the other is going to be off of the ground. Over time both of them will slowly make contact with the ground and that’s our goal.

Belly breathing…while relaxing in the static back press it’s important to breathe deeply. Your belly should rise as you inhale and fall back down on the exhale.

Breathing is important during the static back press because it helps your mind and body to relax. And that will help the muscles in your body to calm and stop the spasm.

Static Back Press Position

The lower leg from heel to behind the knee is supported by the table. The thigh bone is perpendicular to the ground. So the weight of your leg is pressing down into your hip.

When flat on the ground, rock side to side to see if one of your SI joints is pressing into the ground more than the other. This way you can monitor your body for change. Over time they should balance out and both SI joints should be flat on the ground.

Keep your back flat on the ground and your face looking straight up toward the ceiling.

Don’t prop your head up with a pillow or turn your head side to side, keep your neck and back in straight alignment. Avoid watching TV or reading as this can stress the muscles of your back and neck.

Instead, use headphones to listen to music, an audio book, or just decompress with some deep breathing.

This is the relaxed position for the lower back. It’s going to help the muscles to unwind and help your joints to get back into alignment.

The weight of your legs and gravity working together and the deep breathing will help bring your body into alignment.

If you have so much spasm that lying in the above position is painful, we are going to use a rolled up towel for support.

Roll it up just enough to give your lower back support as you relax into position. Place the towel under your lower back as you lie down.

When experiencing a back pain flare-up, get into position several times during the day for 5-10 minutes each time.

Use the towel only if needed and stop using it as soon as you can relax into position without it. You can also reduce the size of the towel by using a smaller towel or rolling the towel differently.

The static back press is also a great position to use at the end of a stressful day.

Whether your back is tight and achy from sitting for a long time, standing all day, tough day at the gym, or gardening, the static back press can help. Combined with deep breathing, it will reduce your muscle tightness and relax your body.

Now you know how to ease a back pain flare up when it happens, you should be able to stop the pain and get back to normal again more quickly. However, this is only a temporary fix and it’s much more effective to actually stop it from happening in the first place.

That’s why I created a step-by-step video program called, The Back Restoration System. It’ll show you exactly how to stop your pain, move with confidence, and get back to life. If you’d like to learn more about it, click the button below to get the full details and see if it’s right for you. See you there!

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