Revealed at last...

Body Movement Strategies That Have Helped My Patients NEVER Suffer With Muscle and Joint Pain EVER Again...

  • Discover how to eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain for good in your life.
  • How to keep your body strong and prevent injuries from re-occurring.
  • Learn to bullet proof your musculoskeletal system, neck, back, and hips against any further injury.
  • Stop tension headaches, stiff muscles, sore shoulders and achy knees.
  • How to sit, stand, lift and reach your way to pain free muscles and joints…Forever.

Let me introduce you to a simple, 10-step program that guides you to effortless movement and better health, without the need for invasive surgeries or medication.

Dr. Joe Tichio, DCDear friend,

Congratulations on finally finding a proven solution to your chronic Muscle and Joint Pain.

You are now just seconds away from eliminating your pain and getting back to the normal pain free life you deserve where you can:

  • Stand up or sit down with no pain.
  • Get back to your active lifestyle.
  • Play golf, tennis, or go swimming.
  • Go shopping, gardening, or get back in shape.
  • Take a pain free walk or play with the kids.
  • Clear your own pain instead of relying on someone else.
  • Get out of pain and back to life.
  • Stop taking pain pills.
  • Feel stronger.
  • Feel great!

Although it's easy to find the strategies to cure your Muscle and Joint Pain, you also need to...

Make Sure Your Muscle and Joint Pain Never Comes Back!

The sad truth is, many people with Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain end up re-injuring themselves after treatment.

This is not the fault of the treatment - but rather a key number of ingrained lifestyle and movement patterns I have isolated over the years that lead to recurring pain unless they are addressed immediately.

And the good news is, it’s easy to make sure you never suffer with Muscle and Joint Pain again once you know exactly what to do.

After 17 years and working with over 5,000 patients... and various health professionals... from massage therapists to orthopedic surgeons... I’ve developed a revolutionary new program to make sure you do not suffer from Muscle and Joint Pain ever again.

You will be getting:

  • One program that integrates all the breakthroughs I've made in preventing re-injury and recurring Muscle and Joint Pain for thousands of patients in the last 17 years.
  • One program that combines dozens of natural healing principles to stabilize and protect your back, neck, hips, and shoulders for life from injury and pain.
  • One program that helps prevent you ever suffering from Muscle and Joint Pain ever again...
  • One program that moves you toward your optimal Musculoskeletal Health, complete with the surveys and tests you need to monitor your individual progress.
  • One program that reveals how you can eat and drink your way to pain free muscles and joints.

Yet it's a program so simple, you can follow it at home!

My own patients have experienced incredible life transforming results with this program, saying goodbye to their Muscle and Joint Pain forever. And I'd like to invite you to experience it absolutely risk free - and witness its astonishing pain healing power in your own life.

But let me briefly outline what you can expect in the…

The Movement Revolution

Protect your muscles and joints from degeneration and aging with today's most powerful cutting edge movement technology

Modern movement science has proven you can literally give yourself the body of a much younger person-with the right movements and exercises.

With the right movements you can reverse the deterioration of your muscles and joints, protect it from future damage.

Now, let's explore how to...

Get Rid Of That Muscle and Joint Pain - For Good!

No matter what kind of chronic muscle and joint you are suffering from...

Now there's a simple way to heal your entire musculoskeletal system to prevent further injury. And feel your pain and problems disappear in a matter of weeks, or even days.

Your risk-free preview will show you:

  • How to keep your neck and back strong and prevent injuries for life.
  • How to return your musculoskeletal system to full function and improve your health.
  • How to sit, stand, lift, squat, lunge, and reach your way to a pain free back, neck, hips, shoulders and many other aches and pains.
  • How to use anti-inflammatory foods to safely reduce pain and enhance movement.

Then you'll learn how to:

Clear Out Your Muscle and Joint Pain For Good And Never Worry About It Recurring Again...

I know from working with thousands of clients over the years that one of their biggest fears is recurring pain.

Which it usually does when you do not follow the movement strategies and exercise protocol I recommend.

I share these exercises with all my clients all... and when followed... They rarely if ever come back for treatment again... and never for the same problem.

Restore Your Body’s Balance - Naturally

Your body has a natural balance and strength it want to return to.

They are naturally strong and healthy and pain free.

That is your normal state. Just look at a child and how effortlessly they move and how flexible and pain free they are.

Their posture is perfect whether sitting or standing.

Your posture can be the same.

You can be pain free too.

It just takes a little re-training... that’s all.

You will get all that re-training inside the movement revolution system.

Learn How You Can Prevent The Most Chronic Muscle and Joint From Recurring

The exercises, ideas and tips you’ll discover inside the movement revolution system are designed to eradicate your pain for good and make sure it never comes back again.

You'll learn how to give your body the attention it so desperately needs. And find out:

  • How to eliminate pain and discomfort for good with simple alignment techniques...
  • How this same remarkable breakthrough system can renew your muscles and joints, giving them the blood and oxygen they crave to remain pain free
  • How to energize your body with anti-inflammatory foods that reduce pain and enhance movement.
  • How you can dramatically reduce the chances of injuring your muscles and joints ever again...

Wake Up Free Of Chronic Muscle and Joint Pain...and Free From The Worry Of Ever Injuring Yourself Again

Incorrect posture and movement is the root cause behind most chronic back pain, hip problems, neck stiffness, bad knees and sore shoulders.

You'll discover how to correct both and help your body go back to its natural pain free state for good.

You'll learn about:

  • The remarkably simple posture alignments and spinal movements that prevent back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain from ever coming back into your life again...
  • A total body system to bullet proof your muscles and joints against pain and injury in the future.
  • How to give yourself permanent muscle and joint pain relief without drugs that can hurt your stomach or wreck your health.

Here's How The Program Works...

First, just relax and watch the 16 HD video recordings.

Here’s what I cover inside the different videos:

Video #1:

  • How to keep your body and back strong and prevent injuries.
  • Learn to return your musculoskeletal system to full function and improve your health.
  • How to sit, stand, lift and reach your way to pain free muscles and joints

Video #2:

  • The 2 simple misalignments you need to deal with to free yourself of muscle and joint pain for good.
  • What is the “Belt Test” and why it’s important for healthy and pain free muscles and joints.
  • How to increase circulation to support a healthy inflammatory response, reduce pain, and speed your progress.

Video #3:

  • Neck and shoulder mechanics and why they’re important to a healthy and pain free life.
  • The 2 types of “Forward Head Posture”…and what you need to know.
  • How to protect the muscles and joints of your neck - using a common household item.

Video #4:

  • Fixing your rounded shoulders to pain proof your neck, shoulders, arms and back.

Video #5:

  • The core mechanics of good posture to prevent muscle and joint pain.
  • The power of breath to create strength and stability in your muscles and joints.
  • How to keep your spine protected and ready for action.

Video #6:

  • Your feet and your hips and how they relate to posture, your spine and a pain free body.
  • Using the “Stomach Vacuum” technique to flatten your belly and protect your lower back.
  • Why Proper Posture is not about standing still – it’s a ready position for life.

Video #7:

  • Why you need to stop “bending” and what to do instead.
  • The “broomstick technique” to save your back.
  • Hip hinge techniques to prevent back, hip, and knee pain.

Video #8:

  • The everyday activity that’s weakening your muscles and degenerating your joints - it’s not what you think!
  • Easily transform this dangerous activity into a health enhancing movement, to remove muscular pain and protect your joints.

Video #9:

  • How to rejuvenate your musculoskeletal system with this basic and natural movement.
  • Unlock your legs and hips for better mobility and less pain.
  • Avoid these common mistakes which could damage your muscles and joints.

Video #10:

  • The forgotten primal movement that's essential to pain free walking, jumping, running, stepping, throwing, pushing, pulling, and climbing.
  • Discover what the "Psoas" muscle is and why it's the key to pain-free movement in your back, hips, and legs.
  • I'll share my secret weapon to gently eliminate “Psoas” stiffness immediately so you can stop the pain and move with confidence.

Video #11:

  • The science of healthy shoulders and why they’re important to stop your neck, arm, and hand pain.
  • How to free your shoulders and upper back from stiffness and pain.
  • The overlooked “BACK” muscle causing your shoulder pain and how to fix it with a softball.
  • How to use your kitchen counter to unlock your shoulders and stop your pain.

Video #12:

  • Sitting secrets to clear your chronic muscle and joint pain for good.
  • What is the “60/40 Rule” and why it’s important for healthy muscles and joints.
  • The one simple, yet proven technique to unwind the damage sitting has created to your muscles and joints – it’s not exercise.
  • 10 surprising ways to add more movement to your everyday life, even if you sit for a living.

Video #13:

  • Work station set up and daily tips to stay pain free.

Video #14:

  • 10 minutes a day to create pain free movement, better health and longevity
  • This gentle routine will energize and strengthen your muscles and joints.

Video #15:

  • A complete mobility system to heal your muscles and joints so you can return to full function and improve health.
  • Fine-tune tight and restricted areas to eliminate pain and move with confidence.
  • Little-known techniques to unlock your hips, legs, and feet for pain free movement and restored strength.
  • Build spinal stability and flexibility for a pain free back and neck.
  • Proven techniques to restore health and pain-free motion to your shoulders, arms, and hands.

Video #16:

  • Create effortless movement and excellent health without the need for medication.

The Miracle Food Blueprint

  • Research has discovered certain foods contain anti-inflammatory properties which reduce pain and enhance movement.
  • Learn the 8 essential steps to eat and drink your way to pain free muscles and joints.
  • Use spices and herbs to add flavor and support a healthy inflammatory response
  • Discover which fruits and vegetable you need to avoid.
  • What are “Pseudo Grains” and why you should eat them.
  • Delicious and easy to make anti-inflammatory meals that will support a healthy inflammatory response and ease your pain.

Now I Want To Ask You Something:

What would it be worth to you to wave goodbye to your chronic muscle and joint pain  and live the rest of your life pain free?

Would it be worth making just a little effort now, if I could show you the key to being permanently pain free (instead of worrying when you might get injured again)?

That would be a good investment, wouldn’t it? Especially if you could know your pain is never going to interfere with your life ever again.

What if instead of worrying about the next time you might be in pain, or laid up, or unable to do your favorite hobbies or sports or even pick your children up… you sprung out of bed every morning, eager and excited for what the day’s adventures will bring you?! Without a thought or concern about when your muscle and joint pain might come back.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to live?

How Much?

OK, by this stage you’re probably wondering about price, so let’s talk about it.

When I’m doing private one-on-one coaching, show patients the exercises and principles in my movement revolution system- my rate is $750 per hour.

And there are over 2 hours of tightly focused, actionable information in this course for stopping your chronic muscle and joint pain from ever coming back.

This translates to a real market value of $1500 of my time. That’s what you’d pay if I was to sit down with you one-on-one and explain every nuance of my movement revolution system to you.

And you know what, it would be worth every cent!

The true value of this program is not in the cost, but in the value you will gain by using it to live a pain free life.

There is no way I can put a dollar value on what this program will do for you.

That’s why offering it at $750 is such a fair price.

You will get back many, many times that value in a pain free body for good- quicker than you could imagine.

But here’s the best news. As you know me and invested your time, money and trust in me-I want to go a step further for you here today. And give you the movement revolution for only a fraction of the cost: Only $97.

I can’t tell you what an incredibly fair price this is. Especially when you consider I’ll be revealing to you my simple, step by step formula for strengthening your musculoskeletal system so you remain pain free for good.

There is a catch however. For this price I want you to promise me that in 30 days you will write to me to tell me about your success and allow me to use your story to help others.

Fair enough?

My Promise To You



Download The Movement Revolution today and use it to clear your muscle and joint pain for good.

From extensive experience with my patients, I know you'll feel an incredible difference almost immediately.

And I promise you will not have to worry about your pain recurring again.

If you apply the techniques you’ll feel a massive change in just 30 days, but I understand sometimes life can get in the way. That’s why I am giving you 90 days to try it out.

For the next 90 days, use the techniques inside the movement revolution and I'm confident you’ll be amazed by the results, but if you’re not, simply email us and ask for a prompt and hassle-free, no questions asked 100% refund.

After experiencing the results of the program for myself and my patients, I’m sure you'll be amazed at how quickly you feel the benefits of living with pain free muscles and joints.

This is the best program available that combines so many of today's most advanced, permanent muscle and joint healing protocols. And in this limited space, I can't possibly describe all the ways it'll renew your body, your muscles, and your joints... preventing any further pain.

Hit the add to cart button below right now and claim your copy of Movement Revolution today.

Don’t Make This Massive Mistake

Many people who I treat for chronic muscle and joint pain make one massive mistake after their treatment. They fail to maintain their results with simple, easy to follow principles and exercises.  Don’t make that mistake.

It’s super quick and easy to make sure you can sit, stand, lift and reach your way to pain free muscles and joints…and remain pain free for the rest of your days.

Order the movement revolution system right now and make sure you remain free from chronic muscle and joint pain for good.

Order Now While There’s Still Time

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Order now while there is still time.

Yours for excellent health,

Dr. Joe Tichio, DC

P.S. Think about what it will cost you if you don’t take action, if you don’t order my course. What impact will that have on your life? Where will you be in one month… 3 months… 6 months… even in one year?

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