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STEP #2: Your order is almost complete. Although the main "Sleep Your Way To A Pain Free Back" e-book will fix your sleeping position for a less painful back, it is only one of the many causes of back pain - meaning it won't eliminate your problem completely.

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Discover How To Eliminate Your Lower Back Pain In 30 Days From Right Now, Using A Safe, Natural Solution You Can Use At Home…

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From the desk of Dr. Joe Tichio, DC
Last Updated: July 26th, 2017 

Dr. Joe Tichio, DCDear friend,

We’ve never met. But I think we share a common interest. That interest is in getting rid of your back pain quickly, safely and naturally without expensive medical bills, pain meds, more back therapy, or chiropractic adjustments, or even surgery!

My name is Joe Tichio and I have discovered and perfected a safe and natural way to eliminate back pain from home that has helped hundreds of other back pain sufferers eradicate their pain without the need for expensive treatments or drugs. 

My safe, natural and drug-free lower back pain treatment system will be explained to you in full detail when you buy my exclusive BACK RESTORATION SYSTEM, right here on this website. And don't worry; the system is very easy to use.

Right now you are probably feeling terrible. Back pain may be shooting through your body as you curl up in pain. Your lower back may be throbbing wilth dull aches or sharp pain every time you move. You may not even be able to sit down or stand up without experiencing excruciating pain.

Simple housework or gardening maybe too much for you right now or even just getting through the working day may be really tough.

You are desperate for a back pain solution that really works.

Thankfully, you’re about to have in your hands an easy, natural solution to your chronic lower back pain that will eliminate it within the next 30 days!

Who I Am And Why You Should Listen To Me

There are thousands of back pain products and dozens of people claiming to be experts. However, very few of these so-called "back pain experts" practice what they preach or have the credentials to back up their claims. Since you're probably wondering how this program is different, here's the whole story:

I've been involved in alternative health care for 16 years now. I'm also the author of a bestselling book and dozens of alternative health articles.

Holistic health is my life - it's all I've ever done.

  • I’ve been a doctor of chiropractic for over 16 years.
  • I’ve helped thousands of people to feel better fast from their back pain.
  • I was appointed by the state of California to act as a Qualified Medical Evaluator.
  • I’m also certified in Industrial Injury Evaluation and Functional Capacity Evaluation.
  • I’m an Ergonomic evaluator… and was a Wellness Advisor for Time Warner Cable.

I am also a former back pain sufferer... having hurt my back on numerous occasions rock climbing and doing martial arts.

I’ve been on a long frustrating road of trial and error to eliminate my own back pain and that of my patients – and I have finally pieced together a complete and comprehensive holistic system used by hundreds of back pain sufferers to permanently cure the cause of the problem... and stop it from recurring again.

16 Years Of Study, Research, Trial And Error, And Experimentation

As a doctor of chiropractic - I became obsessed in the last 7 years with holistic solutions to back pain issues. I wanted to know everything there was to know on how to eliminate back pain and prevent it from coming back permanently - I've been absolutely consumed by this quest.

So I started working on the problem hard!

Consulted and worked with the very best orthopedic surgeons and other back pain experts, and studied and explored every solution to back pain, back disorders, back care, back rehabilitation, and back pain prevention I could get my hands on.

I swallowed stacks of books, journals and magazines about back pain, back disorders and posture, stretching, and alignment. And reading every word. I have literally read hundreds of back pain books, cover to cover.

My library quickly grew to hundreds of research articles, journals and books on back pain, and I read every word almost to the point of memorizing them all.

But I didn't just read. I worked with countless numbers of back pain sufferers and found a solid solution to chronic lower back pain...

Now, 16 Painful Years And Thousands Of Diligent Work Hours Later, The Back Pain Puzzle Was Finally Solved...

Once I understood that a real cure for back pain could only be experienced if the real underlying causes, the correct circumstances that promote the formation of back pain and the exact source of back pain in the body were dealt with, I began to realize the importance of treating back pain correctly to eliminate it completely.

After more than 7 years of diligent work and desperate research, 5 years with surgeons and pain management physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists… and after experiencing several eureka moments (when things become crystal clear)...

Finally, from all the truths and evidence, misconceptions and lies... the back pain puzzle was finally solved. It took me more than 16 years... to polish and refine my discovery and in the end I finally came up with methods to eliminate back pain-anyone can use.

Here's How My Natural Solution Works To Eliminate Your Back Pain For Good When Other Solutions May Have Failed You Before

When you get your hands on The Back Restoration System, you'll find out exactly how to get rid of your back pain by following my unique system for eradicating your pain. There is nothing else like this on the market.

It’s unlike anything you may have tried before.

Here’s why:

Other solutions to back pain usually treat just one of the elements needed to clear your back pain for good.

They may focus on posture, or correct movement or strength or something else.

However-if you want a solution to your back pain that really works, you need to focus on and treat all aspects of reversing your back pain.

These are...

  • Myofascial release to help stop the pain and begin the healing.
  • Specific stretching exercises which create balance in your muscular system, taking uneven stress off your joints, and begin to restore proper movement and flexibility.
  • Strengthening to rebuild your lower back muscles so they can do their job properly.
  • Mobilizing hip joints to take the stress off your lower back and onto the strong muscles and joints of your hips.
  • Correct Alignment - everything needs to be in its proper place so the body can support itself and move well.
  • Remove/modify the irritating activities to allow the body to heal and avoid re-injury.

Without addressing all these areas (which my back restoration system does-quickly and easily) it’s very unlikely you will be able to clear your back pain and stay pain free.

Here's Why You Haven’t Heard Of My Natural Solution To Back Pain Before

Because it's not available anywhere except right here on this website.

I’ve been successfully treating hundreds of people in my private practice for 16 years with this method and this is the first time it’s been made available online.

Like I said-There are a few other "back pain solutions" that can be found on the internet, but take heed...

You could spend hours and hours searching for alternative methods to clear your back pain if you want to, but for most people, time is valuable. When you order my back restoration system, everything will be delivered to you instantly - and you won't need to waste any more time searching the internet for answers. Besides, my videos take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step, how to clear your back pain naturally, safely, and without pain.

Just imagine how happy you will be when your back is pain free using my solution, instead of continuing to go through life in pain or taking harmful drugs!

I'm glad you've found this website... you've found a natural remedy to get rid of your back pain for good... it could be the answer to your prayers.

Here's How My Natural Remedy Has Worked For Some Of My Recent Clients

Erica Yates

I’ve been going regularly to Dr. T for 5 years now and he has helped me heal from chronic sports injuries. I like to stay pretty active especially in a city like Los Angeles where the beautiful weather allows you to be active year round. From martial arts to hiking to rock climbing – I like it all!

Going to Dr. T allows me to live the active lifestyle that I love by maintaining overall wellness. Specifically – I have a damaged right rotator cuff and bursitis in the left hip that have in the past inhibited me from doing the things that I enjoy. When I started going to Dr. T, however, I noticeably saw a positive change in the way I felt on a daily basis.

Also, through taking an active role in bettering my overall wellness, I listened and incorporated into my daily routine – Dr.T’s advice regarding stretching, posture, work desk environment (setting up area ergonomically), and the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet.

Not only is Dr. T very knowledgeable on overall wellness but he understands how important living an active lifestyle is to some of us! He himself is a rock climber, hiker, overall adventurer as well 🙂, which I can appreciate.

His business acumen is impeccable and he is very professional but also at the same time – very personable which is not always the case in dealing with people in the health care profession.

I felt compelled to share my experience because I have benefitted so much from having Dr. T as my chiropractor that if I can help others also manage chronic sports injuries and live an active lifestyle – than it was worth the 5 minutes it took to write this! 🙂

- Erica Yates

Ashley Scarrott

I’ve worked with many chiropractors over the past few years but Dr. Joe stands out as the best I’ve worked with. I went to see Dr. Joe after I was hit by a car. My lower back and shoulder were in a lot of pain and it wasn’t going away. Dr. Joe helped to clear up the issues in my back and shoulder and got me back to lifting in the gym. I worked with Dr. Joe twice a week for a couple of months and I always enjoyed our sessions together. He’s not only a great chiropractor but he’s also a really great guy. I couldn’t recommend Dr Joe enough, you’d have a hard time finding anyone better.

- Ashley Scarrott

Sam Kang

Probably one of the best chiropractors in Los Angeles. Also really tries to get you better. I’ve been to at least 15 different chiropractors and some of the very highly regarded ones with the crowded offices and long waits.

Without a doubt, Dr. Joe is one of the most skilled chiropractors around. I have had an old upper cervical neck injury and Dr. Joe is just able to treat my neck better than the other guys. He’s thorough... which unfortunately, I can’t say the same for most of the other doctors I have seen.

You spend a lot of money and time if you have back or neck problems and so many times you go to a doctor or therapist that is not up to par, does a mediocre job and you don’t feel too great the next day.

This is just simply not the case with Dr. Joe. He’s genuinely interested in having you regain your natural life force and energy through proper and thorough care.

My neck feels better and I’m on the road to full recovery and great health thanks to Dr. Joe.

- Sam Kang

Jhe Nedd

In my line of work, I have seen over a dozen chiropractors. I can honestly say that Dr. Joe ranks as one of the best. Not only does he have a warm and welcoming demeanor, he’s got a fantastic touch, and is guaranteed to alleviate most any pain you have. He’s also very thoughtful, takes his time, and utilizes many different techniques and styles that cater to even the most timid patients. With his methods, I am able to stay pain free and improve my overall athletic performance. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

- Jhe Nedd

Kelly Smith

Prior to going to Dr. Tichio, I had never been to a chiropractor. I had been skeptical. However, after the birth of my first son I started having a lot of pain in my back. It was debilitating at times.

I made the call and have been thankful ever since. The care you receive is phenomenal! Gentle and explained step by step. I’ve never felt rushed or ignored. I feel like I have a partner in my health that educates and answers my concerns.

Dr. Tichio has a passion for natural health with great kindness to his clients. After moving to Northern Ca, I still traveled monthly to Los Angeles to complete treatment with Dr.Tichio. He is the best by far!!!

- Kelly Smith

Sarah Peters

I’ve been seeing Dr. Joe for several years. As a dancer and capoeirista, I tend to use my body pretty hard, and he has aided in the recovery of several injuries, including hip and shoulder, as well as regular maintenance to keep me in peak performance. I also occasionally get fairly serious headaches (cluster headaches), but one visit to Dr. Joe and they are gone for months.

After each session, I notice considerable improvement in range of motion, strength and pain reduction. He always makes sure that he completely addresses the issue and I’m feeling good before I leave.

I like to do exercises and stretches at home to aid healing as well, and Dr. Joe is great with letting me know what I can do at home and what I should avoid to aid recovery.

I think my favorite part is that I never have any residual aches and pains or stiffness after a session. He is very thorough and finds the most gentle ways to make the necessary corrections, even if something is really stuck or out of whack. I highly recommend him for health maintenance as well as sports injuries or headaches.

- Sarah Peters

Mary E.

I am writing on behalf of my mother who went to Joe Tichio several times while she was in town visiting me. Mom has very bad arthritis, (among several other serious health issues) and Dr. Joe had the expertise to deal with her complications. She also loved his warm, friendly demeanor. He gave her helpful advice in the form of daily exercises which she really appreciated. Mom has seen many chiropractors and therapists over the years and she said Dr. Joe was the best. In fact she doesn’t want me to ever leave Los Angeles because she wants to be able to come visit me and see Dr. Joe again!

- Mary E.


Thank you Dr. Tichio. I had been suffering from headaches for over five years and have been popping pain relievers as part of my daily routine. Headaches had become such a part of my life, I no longer thought about the possibility of living without them. After working with Dr. Tichio, my neck and upper back alignment started to improve and my headaches have disappeared. After 5 years I finally have relief. Thank you so much.

- Beth.


The complete solution for eliminating your back pain.

The back restoration system is a series of 12 high quality instructional videos where you follow simple exercises and advice on how to clear your back pain and stop it from recurring.

Video #1:

  • I’ll walk you through the whole process you need to follow to clear your back pain.

Video #2:

  • The real cause and solution to your back pain… it’s not what you think.

Video #3:

  • Little-known Myofascial release secrets to eliminate your back pain.

Video #4:

  • The muscles we are going to work on in this program to begin to stop your back pain and get your life back.

Video #5:

  • The key reason why stretching is so important to end your back pain and the exact stretches you need to stop your pain.

Video #6:

  • The muscles you need to unlock in your legs and hips that heal your back.

Video #7:

  • Why your hips are important when it comes to stopping your back pain and the exercise you need to do to clear your pain.

Video #8:

  • How to strengthen and coordinate the muscles of your lower back to stop your back pain.

Video #9:

  • How to deal with back pain flare ups so they never bother you again.

Video #10:

  • Alignment and prevention strategies to stop your back pain from bothering you ever again.

Video #11:

  • Keep your body in one position and you will have problems. My key prevention strategies are discussed here to eliminate your back pain.

Video #12:

  • Closing words - you now have all the tools you need to eliminate your back pain and stop it from re-occurring.

As you can see, my back pain solution has worked great for others! And it can work great for you, too!

Imagine how good you’ll feel after your back pain is gone! Your testimonial belongs on this page, too!

You can finally…

  • Stand up or sit down with no pain.
  • Save money on doctor visits and expensive treatments.
  • Watch the TV or a movie again – pain free.
  • Clear your own pain instead of relying on someone else.
  • Get out of pain and back to life.
  • Prevent back pain from reoccurring.
  • Stop taking pain pills.
  • Feel stronger.
  • Feel great!

How Much? Just $27.00. Gee, That’s A Fraction Of The Price Of Visiting The Physio, Doctor Or Chiropractor... Or Pain Meds.

Compare: Just a single consultation with a doctor will cost (depending where you live) $50 to $200 dollars. Then to see a specialist may run $200 to $500. Or if you go to a physical therapist for help at a cost of $70 to $250 per session, with them wanting you to come back once or twice or three times a week for up to three months. Back pain Surgery including rehab runs between $4500 and $14,000 with $7000 being about the average. And if there are complications the average is up to $29,000. And I give a 60 day money back guarantee, they don't give any guarantees.

If My Back Pain Solution Doesn't Work For You, You Get A Full Refund!

I have no problem giving you a refund if my solution doesn't work for you. That's the honest and fair thing for me to do.

Download The Back Restoration System today. Use the techniques inside it to clear your back pain inside 30 days.

Get back to doing what you love like your favorite sports, watching your favorite movies and simply being able to move about pain free and sleep again…

…and in the UNLIKELY event you do not see your back pain recede in the first 30 days of trying out my method…

Simply contact me for a full, prompt –no questions asked refund.

I want to build a long term relationship with you - and I can’t do that on a shaky foundation.

OK, let's summarize all of the benefits you'll receive when you buy your Back Restoration System:

  • Fast, painless relief from your back pain
  • No harmful side effects - 100% natural!
  • Save thousands of dollars in medical bills and hospital stays.
  • No stress, no surgery! Feel pain free fast and resume living!
  • No more sleepless nights or agonizing in extreme pain.
  • No need for potentially addictive drugs.
  • Suitable for any kind of back pain!

So, You've Got 2 Choices...

You’ve got an important decision to make here…

Option 1 - Buy my Back Restoration System now - and get rid of your pain, in the next 30 days, using a safe, natural and proven system. It simply works, is easy to use, and will probably save you thousands of dollars.


Option 2 - Continue to suffer from back pain! - Choose to do nothing. Continue to go through life with the pain even though a much better solution is being made available to you right now, for immediate download.

You can get all of these benefits for only $27.00. That's cheaper than a cup of coffee a day for a month! That's cheaper than going out to the movies once!

You would have to be insane not to try my solution to your back pain at this low price. You can hardly go out to dinner for less than $50 these days.

This Should Be An Easy Choice. You Have Nothing To Lose... Except Your Back Pain!

What are you waiting for?

Click the "Add To My Order" button below to get started instantly...

Yours for excellent health,

Dr. Joe Tichio, DC

P.S. When you buy The Back Restoration System, you will receive easy, step-by-step instructions on how to eliminate your back pain within 30 days. You can completely avoid thousands of dollars in medical bills, and therapy bills by using my secret back pain elimination system. $27 is a fraction of the cost of a visit to a chiropractor or doctor or physio… and the videos cover a lot more than you would get in one of those visits. My back pain solution works and is not available anywhere else but right here. And, if you don't get the results you want, all you need to do is send me an email within 60 days and I will promptly issue you a complete refund, no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for?

To Sum It Up:

  • You do NOT have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on doctor visits trying to find one who will actually help you eliminate your back pain.
  • You do not need massage therapists, physical therapists or acupuncturists.
  • You do not need special equipment.
  • You can avoid drugs, risky injections, and even riskier surgery.
  • No matter how long you are suffering with back pain, the videos in this course can show you how to clear your pain and get your life back again.

You only need to spend minutes at a time watching my videos and implementing my back pain clearing techniques. They can be done while watching TV.

No travelling to appointments. No Waiting in Waiting Rooms. No taking time out of your busy day.

Click below to get started instantly...

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